Camp Lee Mar Support Staff | Career

Our staff selection process is based on 3 fundamental requirements:

  • Knowledge
  • Training
  • Practical Experience

Lee Mar’s program attracts staff from coast to coast of the US and beyond, from as far away as New Zealand and the UK.

We are committed to finding only the finest of individuals who can provide a caring, attentive, and safe environment for our campers.

Our Staff participate in a week long orientation prior to the campers’ arrival. This allows them to familiarize themselves with camp and its approaches, innovative activities and varied program adaptations.

The staff orientation week is packed full of workshops run by our program heads and coordinators, covering everything from camp’s beginnings to the day to day running of a cabin; camp philosophies to counselor entertainment.   

This week also provides our staff with the time to get to know our campers needs before they arrive, by studying the camper profiles.

Lee Mar is the Camp for you...

  • If you have a genuine interest in special children and wish to help them learn and grow
  • If you believe you can live in a structured atmosphere
  • If you don't mind long hours, hard work and great satisfaction
  • If you desire to grow personally and professionally
  • If you would like to gain valuable experience for college or your future career
  • If you love a challenge that will afford a memory to last a lifetime
Lee Mar Camp Staff
Open Positions at Camp Lee Mar

Positions at Camp Lee Mar


General Counselor

General Counselors live in bunks with the campers. They go to activities with the campers, eat meals with their group and are responsible for the campers safety, social and emotional well-being. 


Academic Specialist/Counselor

An academic counselor lives in a room with staff, has a full teaching program (supervised by Laura Leibowtiz, M.Ed), and is assigned to a camper group 3 days a week. This is an excellent opportunity to get "hands-on" teaching experience while having a rewarding, fun summer camp experience. 


Speech Specialist/Counselor

A speech counselor lives in a room with staff, has a speech therapy program (supervised by our ASHA Certified Speech Coordinator), and is assigned to a camper group 3 days a week. If you have obtained 40 hours of clinical observation already, this is an excellent way of gaining supervised "hand-on" therapy with the campers. Our Speech-coordinator can sign off on your hours at the end of the summer. 


Support Staff

The support staff at camp fill a number of important positions including but not limited to kitchen, dining-room,  housekeeping, grounds, etc. The support staff do exactly what the title suggests, they support the counselors and specialists in making sure our campers are living in a clean, safe and secure environment. No one position at camp is more important than any other position at camp. We work as one team made up of counselors, specialists and support staff, all united for the well being of our children with special needs. 


Staff Application Process

Once we've received your application and references, they'll be reviewed by the director and assistant director. If you live in the area, we might ask you to come to the office for an interview. If distance does not allow an "in-person" interview, we can do a Skype interview. 

Please make sure you complete the entire application carefully to avoid a delay in processing. Each year we receive many more staff applications than positions available, so please take your time and answer each question fully. We look forward to receiving your application! 

Best of luck!

Staff Application