Camp Lee Mar Testimonials

Once our campers arrive home, many of their parents are moved to express to us how their children have developed over the summer. The following is a small collection of the many letters we have received in recent years.

"Camp Lee Mar is a jewel! Our two sons’ both of whom have special needs have thrived at Lee Mar. The staff is outstanding. Most important for us as parents is having the confidence that our children are being well taken care of as well as challenged to grow. We tried other camps before we found Lee Mar. No other camp gave us the peace of mind that Lee Mar does. My husband and I are so grateful that Lee Mar exists – a five-star rating indeed!
New York, NY" - Parents of 2 children, who attend Camp Lee Mar

"To the amazing counsellors and staff of Camp Lee Mar, though I don’t know most of your names, I have been moved to tears by the camp pictures of all of you. Beyond all ways that you work directly with our kids, you model positive group dynamics and genuine camaraderie in a way that is not just instructive, but compelling. 

In addition to everything else that Camp Lee Mar offers, this immersion in a culture of fun loving and respectful group interaction is not readily available in the, all too often, segregated world of special education. What you demonstrate so beautifully, gives our special kids a sense of how they fit into the larger world, instead of only in a constricted world which revolves around them.
Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Each of you and this camp are the answer to many years of prayer. You will never know how deeply grateful I am for the work you do at Camp Lee Mar. We will definitely be back next year."  - The Family of a first year camper 


Camp Lee Mar Reviews
Summer Camp Parent Testimonials
Camp Lee Mar Testimonials

"It is hard to believe that this is Sam’s eighth consecutive summer at Camp Lee Mar. We were a bit apprehensive about sending our 10-year-old with fragile X off to camp for 7 weeks. We are so glad we took the leap of faith. Each summer Sam comes home with a new level of self-confidence, improved social skills and a host of wonderful memories. Sam has matured greatly during the last 8 years and we feel that, without Lee Mar, we would not have a child nearly as confident, happy and well adjusted as we do.
Fairfax, VA" - Parents of an 18 year old child with Fragile x

"Each summer at Camp Lee Mar has brought greater skills and self-organization and a growing belief in his independence. He has proven to us that, with the right kind of support, he can and will find his place in this world and he will thrive. The way, Ari and all the staff have created a fun, safe place for Grayson to grow while giving our family a chance to rest, refresh and renew. We are so very grateful.

New York, NY - Parents of a 17 year old child who has been at Camp Lee Mar 10 years"

"You cannot imagine the positive impact that you have had not only on our son Daniel, but our entire family. He now loves to read and isn’t satisfied unless he gets all his spelling words correct. His participation in sports, social programs and his academics has all improved. It is hard to believe that the 7 weeks that he spent at camp could really affect so many things. Our only regret is that we did not find out about Camp Lee Mar sooner.

Philadelphia, PA - Parents of a child with Autism who has been at Lee Mar for many years "