Camp Lee Mar FAQs


Where is Camp Lee Mar?

Lee Mar is situated close to the small town of Lackawaxen, nestled in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, in Northeastern Pennsylvania. It is a 2 hour drive from New York City and 2 and a half hours from Philadelphia. Lee Mar is accessible for our campers who wish to fly to camp, via Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY where our staff is waiting at the gate to meet your child as they “step off the plane.”


When was Camp Lee Mar founded?

Camp Lee Mar was founded in 1953. Lee Mar provides a place where children with learning and developmental challenges have all the wonderful experiences of “Camp” in a growth producing environment which offers our children the support and skills to progress in life's endeavors.


Where do your kids come from?

Our Campers join us from all corners of the United States and beyond, including such places as Florida, New York, California, Italy, Egypt, and Israel. 


What range of special needs do your children have?

Our Campers have a varied range of abilities within the mild to moderate classification. Our children are fully ambulatory and have a basic grasp of their daily living skills.


How do you know Lee Mar is the right camp for my child?

In addition to the camper reports we would request from you, each camper and their family is met by Ari or Lynsey. This is for the benefit of the camper, as well as camp, to insure that Lee Mar is the most appropriate program for your child.


How is our program structured?

Lee Mar's program has been designed in order to provide our campers with a dynamic program of activities tailored to age and ability. We provide a highly structured environment that keeps our campers both interested and invigorated, from sun up to sun down, June to August.


How are children grouped?

Our children are first and foremost grouped by age; however, we also take into consideration the ability of the individual camper. We consider the group dynamics and how a specific camper would fit into a group in order to provide them with the best possible opportunity for personal growth.


What activities do you have at Camp Lee Mar?

Lee Mar has many activities including baseball, basketball, fishing, boating, swimming, drama, music, zip line, soccer, arts and crafts, and dancing (culminating with the Senior Fling at the end of the summer); as well as many other traditional activities.


What is the weather like?

During the camp season our weather is generally around 80 degrees. It's hot but not too hot that we are uncomfortable, however, if temperatures rise we call a special "Sunny Day Program" enjoying lots of swimming and watergames. In addition, all our bunks and buildings are air-conditioned which we do not hesitate to use when needed. At the other end of the spectrum, if the weather becomes too wet for many of our activities, we follow our exciting Rainy Day Schedule.


How many staff is with each group?

Our Camper to Staff ratio is 3:1.





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Will I get homesick at camp?

No there are so many great things to do at camp that you will not have time to get homesick.


Are the other campers friendly?

Our campers are a friendly bunch, who like nothing better than to make new friends. Our campers return year after year to spend their summers with the friends they met at Camp Lee Mar


What do we do all day?

We have lots of fun, enjoying many different activities, sports and events throughout the summer.


When will I get to speak to my family?

We have three phone call weeks during the summer. During these weeks, we have assigned times in the evenings for parents to call in and speak with their child. We also have a Visiting Day in the middle of the summer, and we have an awesome photo website where we upload photos on a daily basis of our fun at camp!. 


Can I bring my DVD player, PSP, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS?

If you would like to bring one of these items to camp please keep in mind that it is your property and it is your responsibility to look after it. However, due to the busy nature of our schedule, the only time you would have to use them would be during rest hour.


Can I bring my iPod, Nano, MP3 player, etc ?

Yes, our campers love to talk about and listen to each others music, we are happy to have our campers bring along music to share. Once again camp does not assume any responsibility for loss/damage to any of these devices, so it would be your responsibility to make sure it was safe and well looked after. 


Do we have air conditioning?

Are you kidding? This is a summer camp, who ever heard of air conditioning at a summer camp! Actually WE DO HAVE AIR CONDITIONING IN ALL OUR BUILDINGS, INCLUDING THE CABINS!


What is the food like?

It's great! Our Executive Chef does a fantastic job making all our meals at Camp.  We have lots of your favorites that you may have at home and some you may like to try for the first time.


When do we have to get up in the morning and go to bed at night?

Wake up is 8:00am, but we do have a late Rise and Shine on Saturdays and Sundays. Lights out for the Juniors and Inters is 9:00pm, and Seniors is 10:00pm.


Do we get free time?

We have free time built around our daily schedule. We also have open recreation periods in which you have a choice in what activity you want to participate.